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रामरसायन तुम्हरे पासा, सदा रहो रघुपति के दासा।
Ram Rasayan tumhare paasaa, sadaa raho Raghupati ke daasaa ।

In this verse from Hanuman Chalisa, Saint Tulsidas talks about the 'Ramrasayan' possessed by Hanumant. Also, Sadguru Aniruddha has, time and again, described the importance of Ramnaam and Ramkatha (stories of Shree Ram) through his discourses.

Hemadpant describes the greatness of Ramkatha in Sai Satcharita -

रामकथेचा हाचि महिमा । तेथे विघ्नांचा न चले गरिमा ॥
Ramkathecha hachi mahima । Tethe vighnancha na chale garima ।।

Obstacles cease to exist or have minimal effect where Ramkatha is recited, this line explains.

In his work, Shree 'Ramrasayan', Sadguru Shree Aniruddha has described the rasayan of Ramnaam. Bapu says that the Ramrasayan is a substance that destroys diseases and illnesses by bringing about a balance between the three humors in the human body, viz. the kaph, vaat and pitta. A rasayan is a medication that imparts superior capacities and momentum to every faculty and part of the body to perform their designated functions. The Ramrasayan is a substance that acts on the three planes of the human body (life force plane, mind plane and gross physical plane). The Ramrasayan also means always being a servitor of Shree Ram.

This work, Shree Ramrasayan, is the essence of the life story of Shree Prabhu Ramachandra from his birth till Ramrajya was established in Ayodhya. The pictures given in it correspond respectively to various episodes in this life story. Ravan symbolises the ill-fate and vicious ego, which brings fear into human life. Sadguru Aniruddha says, "Ravan, who represents ill-fate, steals Janaki and takes her away from Ram. Janaki represents peace and contentment. However, it is Ram who brings about the end of Ravan. The ego, as in the 'I', is Ravan's life force, and the six foes, viz., desire, fury, lure, etc., form the fundamental substance of his mind. Vile inclinations and ill-fate that trouble me are certainly destroyed. But when? When I become a Vanarsainik of Ram.

This work is so engaging that while reading, readers feel as if the characters in it have come to life before them. The reading also instills faith in every Shraddhavan that they will sail through in their life, just how rocks floated effortlessly in the sea after Ramnaam got inscribed on them. Various characters from the Ramayan, which find mention in this work, make us realise several aspects of our life. This work shows us a simple and straightforward spiritual path to bring about apt changes in our life by recognising and destroying negative attributes that symbolise Ravan.

Shree 'Ramrasayan', authored by Sadguru Aniruddha, is not just a life story of Prabhu Ramachandra but also a code of conduct to live life with love, verve, enthusiasm and positivity. The selfless service to Shree Ram, who is the Ultimate, is the highest peak for one to achieve in life, and this is the very soul of Shree 'Ramrasayan'.

With Shree 'Ramrasayan', Sadguru Aniruddha has opened the essence of the great and pious work like 'Ramayan' for Shraddhavans.

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