Israel - A Journey Prolonged Yet Successful - English
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This book, ‘Israel: A journey – prolonged yet successful’, gives readers a deep insight into various aspects of the nation of Israel. It is a must-read for those who want to have wide-angle view of Israel's undeniable importance at the global stage and its unique relationship with India. The book is authored by an Indian-Israeli woman, Shulamith Penkar-Nigrekar, who now resides in Tel Aviv.

The book brings to light the inspiring history as well as reveals aspects like religion, innovation, society, armed forces, economy, foreign relations of Israel and, of course, the progress that this nation achieved over the last 70 years that too in extremely adverse conditions. The book begins with the story of Abraham, the patriarch of the Jews and the vision of the Holy Land that God is believed to have given him. Further, it journeys all the way up to the period of the origin of ‘Zionism ‘and independence of Israel and eventually focuses of all the major wars the nation has fought and the development it has achieved.

In order to reiterate the significance of the book, we could refer to a paragraph from its foreword written by Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi – "The coming times have in store, a huge outburst of war, of dissension along with that of man-made disasters and the world, could find itself gradually engulfed in its flames. However, should India and Israel stand together, joining hands firmly united, the competence to confront all these impending dangers, could be generated. Again, should Japan, the USA and Russia extend their hands to join in, in this handshake, the devastation resulting from all the above calamities, could be averted to a considerable extent."

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