Forensic Science
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Author: Dr. Vasudha Apte
Publication Date: Jul 2019
Publication Type: eBook
Price: Rs.140.00

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The subject of 'Forensic Medicine' has always drawn the interest of the common man. However, very little information about it is available to people at large. Dr. Vasudha Apte is a professor and an expert in Forensic Medicine. While working at the Nair Hospital, Mumbai, she has assisted courts to solve several complicated and difficult cases. With her knowledge, Dr Apte has taught the students of medicine and has also testified before the courts. In this book, Dr. Apte has shared her expertise in an easy and lucid manner.

The articles in this book have been originally published in a Marathi newspaper 'Dainik Pratyaksha'. For this book, the articles are translated into English and reproduced. About 130 varied topics are discussed in detail, weighing pros and cons, along with their scientific basis, and placed before the reader in a very appealing way.

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